Your feedback is welcome

I am new, its my first blog and all feedback is welcome

This blog will focus on the stock market. The last decade more and more people are some way or another invested in the stock market. There are thousands of newsletters and they all say something else. Not easy to make up your mind, and brokers are often wrong too. We are a strong believer of technical analyses and that is according to our view but also through our extensive experience analyzing the stock market the best method to predict where the stock market is heading. Our focus is not on the past but the future. We predict where the stock market is heading. As an example we like to share with you the DAX (German Index) and the FTSE 100 Index (United Kingdom) In our newsletter that is usually published three times weekly we shared with our subscribers the following on March 6, 2019: “DAX (Germany) Here, too, we think that the European markets are rolling over soon. We still need to see the DAX trade below 11468 to give a sell signal. FTSE 100 (United Kingdom) Brexit uncertainty seems to cause fluctuation in the UK stock market. At the moment, the FTSE is again back on a buy signal which will be cancelled again below 7091.” At the time of publishing this blog, it is the following day, March 7, 2019 and the markets are in the Red, but as well the DAX as the FTSE are still holding up. Most brokers would say sell, and we wait for the signals! Its only an example how the Thoughts that we publish are different. We stick to our models and do not allow any emotional thoughts or market moves change our view. This is a start of hopefully a successful blog. all your comments , suggestions, questions etc. are welcome and please feel free to forward this blog to all that you know that would enjoy following it.

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